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All Around

Berries, nuts or coffee beans drenched in flavours that you can’t find anywhere else in handy 130g sharing packs. We have all the standard nut combinations including slightly crunchy roasted almonds in luscious milk or dark chocolate and the Australian favourite, perfectly crumbly macadamias in milk or sumptuous dark chocolate but we didn’t stop there. Add to that a perfect coffee bean in lashings of rich dark chocolate, chocolate coatings dusted with cocoa, or real berries drowned in premium milk or dark chocolate. This range is for the fruit and nut lover but also for those who only want real flavours, high end quality chocolate and the most delicious sharing packs for every occasion.


Chocolate Delight

There’s nothing better than the combination of nuts and chocolate, and our premium 150g Chocolate Delight range incorporates almost everything you could want, from a green apple pie flavour to a cookies and cream, to a raspberry dusted dark chocolate. While our All Around range of chocolates features well known twists on delicious chocolates and nuts, in the Chocolate Delight range we take the ordinary and turn it into a new flavour that you might not find anywhere else. Think quality nuts combined with premium flavoured chocolates and you’ll be on your way to choosing a unique luxury nutty treat.


Pure Wellness

High quality dark vegan chocolates generously coat nuts and berries. Incorporating almonds, hazelnuts, blueberries and gojiberries, our 130g Pure Wellness vegan range delivers on quality fruit combined with the intensity of truly delicious dark chocolate. All our vegan chocolates are cruelty free, and because we only use premium quality dark chocolate, you’ll always have the most flavoursome guilt free experience you can get from a locally handmade Australian chocolate.


Real Bite

Generously coated real freeze-dried berries coated in luxurious thick dark, caramel, milk, or white chocolate, that have to be experienced by everyone. Whether you’re into milk, caramel, dark or white chocolate, there is a flavour for you. These high-end boutique sweets come in 60g or 80g, featuring just a few of these ‘one at a time’ featured desserts. With massive strawberries, bite sized cherries, blueberries, and raspberries, or even if you love a touch of ginger, you cannot imagine how good these dessert chocolates taste until you eat them. As a stand-alone after dinner treat, or the accompaniment to one of the best desserts you can find, these are some of the best ways to eat fruit that anyone can imagine.


Rocky Road

Signature handmade 250g family blocks bursting with a range of unique tastes, with something for everyone in the family. Whether you love white chocolate, raspberry, liquorice, orange, something sophisticated or for the kids, we have a Rocky Road for you. A blend of fine white, milk, dark or caramel chocolate plus the right kind of marshmallows and a selection of wafer or shortbreads; covered in lashings of luxury chocolate; these form the base of every handmade block. We carefully blend a selected combination to balance beautifully with our feature flavour, which might be anything from nuts, to jellies, to Turkish delight, to a more adult palette. Our promise is that you’ll always have something to share, and you’ll never want just one bite.


Rocky Road Bars

Perfect handmade bars for hampers and gifting to lovers of rocky road, these come in 120g and there’s something for the vegan, dark, white, and caramel chocolate lover. Just like the family selection, these Rocky Road bars are handmade, mostly from Australian ingredients, with feature flavours perfect for the whole family. You might desire a white marshmallow chocolate delicacy, perfectly balanced with a slight biscuit crunch and splashes of dark chocolate. Maybe you’re a lover of our dark, vegan rocky road, with a slightly less sweet taste punctuated by pink marshmallow highlights. Or you might just love the natural flavour of real Canadian raspberry flakes, atop a luxurious mixture of chunky roast almonds and smothered in caramel. In a bar sized just for two, these boutique flavours make perfect gifts for those who have everything.


Chocolate Block

For those who love everyday chocolate but truly desire a premium experience, these 80g or 90g blocks are perfect for treating yourself, sharing with a friend or gifting. A wide range of flavours have been carefully created by our chef with just the right blend of quality ingredients, always featuring our premium range of creamy white, milk, caramel, or dark chocolate. With our unique design one side and a delicious highly visible selection of fruit, nuts and other signature ingredients on the other, these chocolate blocks will always catch the eye of the receiver and are perfect to impress on every occasion. For a high quality manufactured in Australia experience, you can’t go past these So Moorish foods staples.


Sweet Treat

Jellies, bullets, and popcorn have never tasted this good, with many unique flavour combinations to suit the child in all of us. Coming in 150g or 180g serves, these are truly designed to share and enjoy amongst a select few … although you might find you eat the whole packet yourself! For popcorn fans, we have flavours you’ve never considered, including bubblegum, peppermint, or orange, combined with staples such as caramel and delicious premium chocolate coatings. Our unique jumbo-sized bullets in liquorice or raspberry add another dimension, with melt in the mouth centres, and a slight truffle like texture, a far cry from the traditional chewy bullets you might have previously eaten. Trust me, try these and you’ll never look back!


Any Time

Snacks for everyone that burst with specialised tangy or sweet flavours. In 100g or 150g share packs, these snacks are perfect for the football, afternoon tea, or if you’re a true chocolate lover, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! With a balance of salt and sweet, featuring pretzels, pecans, peanuts, coconut, orange peel , honeycomb and even coconut rough, this selection has something for everyone for any time of the day or night. Just as good for a BBQ, a sports match, or a romantic picnic for two, and the kids will love them as much as the grown-ups.


Signature Shards

These handmade 150g share blocks, have a stunning range of flavours, textures and layers and they beat most luxury chocolate bars hands down. With a slimmer layer, already broken, these shards have the most exotic taste palettes. There’s a stunning depth of creaminess in every chocolate, whether white, caramel, milk or dark. This is layered in with truly unique flavours, such as a real toffee layer with rough cut almond pieces on top, a generous high-end fruit and nut mix, or even an intensely peppermint swirl. There’s something perfect for you in one of these fabulous sharing packs. As a gift or feature of occasion, you can’t go past these unique chocolates for quality and style.


Gravel Road

Rough finished handmade slabs in bite sized pieces perfect to gift or share, perfect for those who want a unique flavour, and something you can really bite into. Currently in 3 very unique varieties, the focus on balanced flavours, salty and sweet and a mixture of textures is something that you haven’t seen before and definitely worth exploring. The creamy milk chocolate popcorn and peanut gravel road is a seriously chunky treat, one you must bite into. For lovers of exotic dark flavours, the delicacy of rosewater is contrasted with large nut chunks smothered in dark chocolate in our Turkish Delight. For lovers of white chocolate, we have our Cranberry and Almond gravel road; a light creamy white chocolate perfectly offset by tart real cranberries and generous almond chunks. Each one of these handmade treats is absolute heaven to share or keep all to yourself.


Mini Rocky Road

Our handmade signature milk Rocky Road treats come in 50g packs small enough for hampers or younger chocolate lovers. We’ve taken some of our best-selling rocky road smothered in quality milk chocolate and packaged them up as treats that are just enough for one or two to share. Rocky Road is handmade, mostly from Australian ingredients, with feature flavours perfect for the whole family. Three of our featured flavours are Raspberry and Shortbread, Popcorn and Peanut Brittle and our Salted Caramel and Peanut. Each one balances salt and sweet, tang and texture, for an all-around mouth-gasm bursting with flavour underpinned by a generous creamy milk chocolate.


Chocolate Spoon

Handmade bite sized 50g spoons of chocolate that deliciously flavour a hot chocolate or coffee; these are for adults who love their fix of chocolate but want to control how much, and for children who can only handle a little sweet treat. In rich creamy traditional milk chocolate or with the surprisingly delicate mixture of mint and white chocolate, these spoons melt in the mouth or in a hot drink and give you the luxury of premium chocolate without the concern of eating too much in one sitting.


Road Block

Handmade 125g blocks designed for sharing or gifting, perfect for hampers, this naked variation on the signature Rocky Road series has a decadence of pieces adorning a block of premium milk chocolate. This made in Australia block is one you can easily break apart to keep just one flavour or share them all. In our Raspberry, Popcorn-peanut Brittle Marshmallow Road Block you’ve got everything. A mixture of tart raspberry jelly, mini pink marshmallows, and peanut popcorn, combined with a sweet toffee brittle and luxurious melt in the mouth milk chocolate. You can either enjoy the whole salty sweet extravaganza or pick out just the pieces that you like.


If your order has been received in an unacceptable condition, please contact customer service so that we can, at our discretion, arrange either a refund or a replacement. All we need is a photograph sent via email of any damaged goods.

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